Ultimate Knife Skills: Hand-Forged Wa-Santoku Shirogami Knife + Two Delicious Olive Oils

Experience a little magic every time you cook and open up a world of creative, culinary possibilities when you add a remarkable hand-forged knife from Bernal Cutlery to your kitchen collection. This 165mm wa-santoku knife in shirogami #2 (white steel #2) and stainless steel cladding features an octagonal Japanese Ho wood handle and water buffalo horn ferrule. Handcrafted by Toshihro Wakui, this line of knives are among the thinnest and easiest of forged knives to sharpen and result in a very fine cutting feel. A favorite among sushi chefs, well-forged shirogami knives such as this one are a testament to a bladesmith's skill. Included with this stellar knife is a collection of swag to help fuel your knife obsession and keep your blades, style and mind sharp: a waxed canvas knife roll with room for eight tools; a hooded Bernal Cutlery sweatshirt; a copy of The Definitive Guide to Knives, Knife Care, and Cutting Techniques by Bernal Cutlery owner Josh Donald; and a copy of Whetstone Magazine Vol. 3. And because everything is better with a little bit of really good olive oil, we've also included a bottle each of Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Miller's Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil, both from California Olive Ranch.

Fine Print: Local SF pick up of items only. Shirogami is a highly reactive carbon steel; extra care is required as the core is not stainless. The knife should be dried immediately after use. Sweatshirt is size small.