epic bay excursion with twoxsea


Want to experience a day of sustainable seafood? This excursion is for you. You and three friends will begin the day early at San Francisco’s Pier 45 and meet Kenny Belov, owner of local sustainable seafood provider TwoXSea. Kenny will be waiting to take your group on a tour of the fast-paced seafood market and provide an insider’s look into his company’s sourcing philosophy. From there, Kenny invites you to join him at TwoXSea’s warehouse for a taste of their products, including McFarland Springs Trout, the world’s first deliberate collaboration to responsibly farm sustainable fish. Next, hop aboard a boat with Kenny to visit some of the Bay’s prime commercial fishing spots.  Finally, cap off the afternoon in Sausalito with a relaxing lunch at Fish, a sustainable seafood restaurant co-owned by Kenny with great views of the harbor.

The fine print: This excursion is for 4 people and is only available on weekdays. From Sausalito, choose to take the boat back to San Francisco or make your way home on your own.