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Treat Yo'self: Handmade clogs, chocolate, tea & aromatherapy

We are all about the Treat Yo'self life. Kick off your self-care by sliding into a new pair of handmade clogs made by Bryr, a Dogpatch-based company where all their clogs are made-to-order under one roof by their team. After customizing your clog's heel stamp and touring Bryr's studio and production space, take a hot chocolate break courtesy of Dandelion Chocolate (plus decadent chocolate treats for the road!), and end your day with a relaxing EO Products aromatherapy kit and brew a soothing cup of teas from the wide selection offered from Traditional Medicinals.

Fine Print: Local SF pick up of teas, chocolate treats, and aromatherapy products only. Reservations required for Bryr Clogs appointment.