Between Earth and Sky: Outstanding in the Field Dinner for 4


Take part in an ephemeral, once-in-a-lifetime, dining experience like no other with four tickets to an Outstanding in the Field dinner: a traveling celebration of people, place, and the origins of good food. A single long table set in an extraordinary site, an Outstanding in the Field dinner exists in that place for just a single day. A pop-up restaurant at its finest, the concept was intended as a radical intervention to traditional dining conventions. Rather than source ingredients and bring them to the restaurant, a restaurant was created at the source. Guests dine together between earth and sky and the farmer's story is both recognized and celebrated.

Need help deciding which dinner to attend? Why not choose one of the dinners hosted by our client, Markegard Family Grass-fed? You won’t be disappointed.

The fine print: Experience includes 4 tickets to any of the 2019 Outstanding in the Field events.