Books, Bubbles and Bites: An Intimate Gathering at Omnivore Books for 4

What exactly is American food? It is a question with many answers—ones have changed over decades and which stretch back to the foods of pre-Columbian Native Americans. American food connects us through the melting pot of time, immigration, farming, and movements both physical and political. Join Celia Sack, the owner of Omnivore Books, for an intimate evening of food, wine, and reflection of America's eating traditions. Celia will use her deep knowledge of American cookbooks, as well as her passion for the subject, to explore where American food has been—and where it's heading.

Fine Print: This intimate event will be held the evening of Thursday, February 21st 2019. The lucky winner and 3 friends will be joined by a small handful of Kitchen Table Advisors’ guests for a delicious conversation.