Basket of goodies from Rancho Llano Seco

Operating since 1861, Rancho Llano Seco is an original and in tact Mexican land grant parcel on the banks of the Sacramento River that has been in Charlie Thieriot’s family for six generations. Their purpose is to preserve the richness of 17,000 acres of wild California, while maintaining gentle land stewardship and a holistic approach to ranching. Llano Seco responsibly raises pigs and cattle and produces heirloom beans and ancient grains.


This mixed gift basket of a Llano Seco products including their heirloom beans and ancient grains. Enjoy a grocery list of treats including 3 Bags of Heirloom Beans, 1 bag of Popcorn, 1 Bag of Ancient Grain in whole wheat berry,  1 Bag of Ancient Grain milled into 100% whole wheat flour. Then shop online with a $50 gift card to have Llano Seco products and non-gmo, antibiotic and hormone free pork delivered right to your door. Also included is their new Trucker Hat!

The fine print: Does not include meat products/perishable items featured in image. However, you may purchase a selection of meat products online using the $50 gift certificate included.