Catered meal + Beer for (12) at your home with private chef on site

We all know that great beef makes the burger, and great burgers & beer makes the backyard BBQ. So why not make your next backyard BBQ even better by pairing Farm Burger + Plow Brewing for your next party!

The folks at Farm Burger believe that eating is a celebration to be shared, and they’re committed to making ethical eating easy. And in this case, they make it so easy that you and your 11 closest friends can spend time relaxing instead of fretting over whose grilling skills are more on point. Farm Burger using top-notch ingredients: from seasonal fixings to freshly ground dry-aged, grass-fed beef from cattle that are fattened and finished on sweet grass, never fed antibiotics or growth hormones, and always humanely raised and handled.

At Plow Brewing Company they love phenomenal beer.  They are not ones to follow the trend or make beer for the  masses but instead carefully craft small batches of tasty brews. With no extracts, infusions, fake flavoring (a.k.a. natural flavors), or bulk chemicals as ingredients all of their beers are vegetarian and vegan friendly! The perfect accompaniment to a great burger!

The fine print: Experience includes on-site dinner & 12 large beers for twelve with a private-chef.