Elegant Kitchen Essentials: Chic Culinary Tote + Two Delicious Olive Oils

Make your pantry 'gram-worthy with a few modern kitchen basics. Take your bulk goods game one step closer to zero waste with the XL Poche from Aplat, a company known for their thoughtful design and sustainable practices. A minimalist's must-have for trips to the market, this made-to-last organic cotton pouch is designed to hold large loaves of bread but can also be used for storing bulk grains, fresh produce, and more. Also for your pantry, some practical and versatile tools to help you put together a meal like a pro: a classic Microplane for zesting, grating (I mean really what CAN'T it do?); and a spatula duo of the mini and fish varieties. And because a crusty baguette, fresh fish or fried egg (okay, everything) is better with a splash of really good olive oil, we've also included a bottle each of Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Miller's Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil, both from California Olive Ranch.

Fine Print: Local SF pick up of items only.